Project Ara shows faint signs of life as website gets comple

2016-03-27 Editer: Microhand


Remember Project Ara, Google’s modular smartphone project? It’s been awhile since we heard from the team (their last tweet is from December of last year), but the project could once again be showing signs of life.

Visiting the Project Ara website, it’s now been redesigned to reflect their new logo — you know, the one they chose back in August 2015. And… that seems to be about it. Gone is all the information about the project, download pages for developers to request software development kits or even Spiral boards (pictured above). It’s very strange.

We’re hoping the new site redesign signals an influx of new developments or announcements. With Google I/O around the corner, it’s possible we’ll learn more about Ara and what the team has been up to since cancelling their market pilot in Puerto Rico last year. Project Ara was definitely one of the more interesting projects coming out of Google, one that had us once again excited about the future of mobile.

[Project Ara]