Google announces UK availability of Android Pay within the n

2016-03-27 Editer: Microhand

Google today announced that the UK will finally be getting in on Android Pay. The mobile payments service allows you to use your NFC-equipped phone to pay for goods at supported point-of-sale terminals.


Android Pay in the UK will work with Visa and Mastercard cards at 8 banks to start…

  • Bank of Scotland

  • First Direct

  • Halifax

  • HSBC

  • Lloyds Bank

  • M&S Bank

  • MBNA

  • Nationwide

…and 11 different retail stores are coming along for the ride in the early going:

  • Aldi

  • Boots

  • BP

  • Costa

  • Greggs

  • KFC

  • Pret

  • Starbucks

  • Superdrug

  • Transport for London

  • Waitrose

You’ll also be able to use Android Pay to pay for stuff online with the following apps and websites:

  • 1-800 Flowers

  • Deliveroo

  • Fancy

  • Hotel Tonight

  • JD

  • Kickstarter

  • Loungebuddy

  • Showroom Prive

  • Takeaway

  • Vueling

  • Wish

  • YPlan

  • Zara

And that’s that. Exciting stuff, but Google, unfortunately, doesn’t have an exact arrival timeline to offer just yet, only confirming that the service will land across the pond within the next few months.

[via Google]