Google Maps error causes demolition company to destroy the w

2016-03-27 Editer: Microhand

To err is human… and robotic, too. Google Maps is being blamed for a very unfortunate accident which occurred following a round of Christmas tornadoes ripping through a Texas neighborhood.

A house at 7601 Cousteau Drive near Rowlett, Texas was supposed to be demolished after a tornado weakened its structural integrity. The demolition company tasked with doing that used Google Maps to make their way to the location and begin the process… only, Google Maps points to the wrong housewhen typing that address in for directions.


Instead, the company was led to a house a block away and proceeded to tear down a perfectly fine building that was being prepped for them to move back in as soon as Summer. When the homeowners called the demolition company they reportedly received a return text showing a screenshot of what Google Maps had shown them, which seems to suggest they aren’t willing to take the blame for the mistake.

For us, it’s an unfortunate reminder that humans aren’t perfect, and as such the technology humans build won’t always be perfect. For the homeowners this episode affects, it’s more than just a reminder — it’s a grim reality, and it’s one they’re likely not to accept a simple apology for.

[via Engadget]