The Galaxy S7 Edge ranks among Android phones with the best

2016-03-27 Editer: Microhand


We recently added the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to our Best Android Phones rankings. One of these phones excels in one particular area, which is why we have to add it to another list. The Galaxy S7 Edge has a much larger battery than the standard model, and battery life is expectedly great. For that reason, we have added it to our list of Android Phones with Best Battery Life.

Battery life is a tough thing to measure in a way that applies to everyone. Bad battery life for one person could be good battery life for a different person. This was demonstrated in our Galaxy S7 review, where Chris reported much worse battery life than nearly everyone in the comments. It’s just really hard to give a definitive review on battery performance.

In our list, we’ve taken two things into consideration: battery life and battery size. Since we can’t measure battery life in a way that will apply to everyone, we’ve ordered the list by battery size. This doesn’t mean the phone with the biggest battery automatically has the best battery life.

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