Verizon is giving free LG 360 Cams with LG G5 pre-orders, an

2016-03-27 Editer: Microhand

Verizon is getting ready to unleash all of LG’s latest unto their customers. The company has thrown up their pre-sale opportunity for the device. They’re letting it go for $624 without a contract, but agreeing to a $24 per month 24-month installment plan lets you pay for that over 2 easy years.


Ordering one early also comes with the added perk of getting a free LG 360 Cam. You can use it to shoot 360-degree video to let all your friends and family enjoy your musings in new ways and from new perspectives. Recent retail listings suggest this camera goes for a minimum of $199, so you’re getting a pretty good deal here, and even if you can’t find much of a use for it there’s always eBay.

In related news, Verizon is also taking pre-sales for the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE following AT&T’s lead from earlier in the week. Their watch is $500 off-contract, but you can get $50 chopped off if you sign a two-year contract. Woohoo!


When AT&T’s letting their version go for $360 outright or $200 with a contract you have to wonder if Verizon even wants the thing to succeed, but that’s their price and they’re sticking to it. There are a bit more savings to take in if you buy your watch with the LG G5 – $100 worth — so it might still turn out to be a nice deal if you’re all in on LG.

[via Verizon 12]